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Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom remodeling Arlington TX team can meet your needs whether you want a luxurious spa like bathroom, a peaceful retreat, or just to update your current bathroom. There are so many options when designing your new bathroom. The bathtub, shower, vanity, floors, cabinets and lighting are all areas to think about.

Consider making your small bathroom look bigger, by using a pedestal sink and light, bright colors. Building recessed shelving in a corner can give you lots of storage space or install a tall, slim storage unit between 2 pedestal sinks for easy access and storage. A clear glass shower can extend the length of a room. Using natural lighting from a sky light or window can also help to make your bathroom appear larger.

Think about yourself and your family’s needs when choosing what type of bathtub to install. Our bathroom remodeling Arlington TXteam will provide you many options. There are soaking tubs that are deeper than a standard bathtub, corner tubs, and tubs with jets or the vintage style free standing claw foot tub. Do you or someone in your family have special needs for getting in and out of a bathtub easily? Maybe a walk in tub would be a good choice. Some people prefer only a shower, while others both a shower and tub. If you have small children, a tub is generally better choice. A tub with a whirlpool can soothe those tired muscles at the end of a long day and provide a soothing massage like feeling.

The vanity can be a way to personalize your bathroom when considering bathroom remodeling in Arlington, TX. There are many styles to choose, from granite, to stone, marble or tile, it all depends on what your taste is. Give your bathroom style with furniture like wood cabinets with a water resistant top. A hotel like bathroom can be achieved by using smooth stone and brushed nickel fixtures. A double vanity gives the convenience of having your own space and not having to wait your turn in the bathroom. The numerous choices of vanity types and textures allows for a beautiful and one of a kind bathroom to meet all your needs.

The lighting you choose when remodeling can give your bathroom that extra boost of style that sets it apart from other bathrooms. Using recessed lighting can give it that clean line look. Using sconce lighting on either side of a mirror gives better lighting to eliminate that sometimes shadow effect when seeing your reflection. Pendulum lighting gives a bolder statement. The lighting you choose should be functional as well as pleasing to the eye. The bathroom remodeling Arlington TX team can present many ideas for lighting in your new bathroom.

When choosing the flooring for your new bathroom, deciding what is most comfortable for you and those you will share this room with is most important. Consider that this is a wet area and that there is the danger of surfaces becoming slippery when wet. There are many options available from wood, to tile, marble, slate and vinyl. Using radiant heat provides a cozy alternative to hard, cold surfaces. Using small mosaic tiles in between larger tiles provides a way to customize your floor to be like no other. The colors available in all these different surfaces vary in color and design and make choosing your floor difficult.

Overall when planning your new or updated bathroom, the choices are endless. Consider what works for you and plan carefully. Getting samples of flooring and vanity cabinets and vanity tops can help you decide what works together. Victor and his Arlington bathroom remodeling team can assist you and give advice and options to make your bathroom beautiful as well as functional.

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